This is how the idea for TIM O’S STABILIZER originated. I was hunting in a blind for the first time. I was sitting in a fold-up chair. Holding the gun out the window of the blind was not easy to do for long periods of time. I am missing two and a half fingers on my right hand which makes it hard to hold the gun and shoot it. On my way to work one night I thought I saw a shovel lying beside the highway. When I stopped to pick it up, what I thought was a shovel was a cleaning brush for ceiling fans. I put it in the back of my truck.

The next morning when I went hunting I took the brush to the blind with me. I bent the brush into a U and adjusted the handle to the height I needed to see out the window of the blind through the scope of my gun. It helped, but moved back and forth and the handle sank into the ground. I then looked down at the fire boots I was wearing. I cleaned the handle and slid it inside my boot. This worked really well. I thought to my self, I can make something like this. That is how the idea for the TIM O ‘S STABILIZER originated.


Product Features, Advantages and Benefits

RiflesBowsCross BowsCamerasBinoculars



  • Mobile
  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Rust Resistant
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Left or Right Handed
  • One Size Fits All
  • Adjustable Height
  • Swivel Top
  • Directional snaps


  • Does not add weight to shooting device
  • Easy off and on stabilizer
  • Easy to retract and move your position
  • Hands free to other items
  • More stable than monopods or shooting sticks
  • safer to use


  • Helps the handicapped hunter
  • Mobile shooting stabilizer
  • More accurate shooting
  • More stable than other items on the market
  • Only need one item to stabilize gun, camera or binoculars
  • Safer shots
  • Safety device for young hunters

Product Review

  • Designed to assist in stabilizing shooting a gun, bow, cross bow and pistol.
  • Designed to assist in stabilizing using a camera
  • Designed to assist in stabilizing using binoculars